What is ESD?

In South Africa, Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) is part of the B-BBEE legislation. It is an element of the B-BBEE codes of Good Practice. ESD is particularly important because it aims to help SMEs grow as part of the country’s job creation drive. BBEEE codes have various requirements that must be met by participating companies and ESD contsitutes 40% which is the largest part of the requirements. In other words if companies get it right they have better chance of improving their BEE oulook.

Many companies have the desire to comply with the B-BBEE Act and as a result they embark on a number  of programmes to meet the ESD requirements. They do this sometimes on their own or employ services of ESD consultants. The list below shows only some of the ESD Consultants in no particluar order.

  1. Shanduka Black Umbrellas
  2. Raizcorp
  3. Aurik
  4. Edgegrowth
  5. Enterprise Room